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Retrospective on Working in the Lab

As my time in the Human Trafficking Research Lab winds down, I find myself looking back at my time and realizing just how much I really did. I wrote up our lab manual, took minutes in meetings, did a policy brief, got to travel to DC and present at a conference, and a whole lot more. Truly a great experience and I really loved my role as the person who took on what I called the “odd jobs” of working in the lab. I think it was fun to be able to always have something different to do. I also think doing everything else was a lot easier for me than looking at the cases. Because I saw firsthand how much looking at the cases can affect people’s mental health and I am happy to not have subjected myself to that. I don’t know how well I would’ve handled it. Truthfully all I’m feeling as my time with the lab comes is grateful. I earned some money when I really needed it and got to do work that I found important and fulfilling. No complaints, and forever grateful for the opportunity I had to work

Working in Lab this Semester

Working on a human trafficking research lab has been a challenging yet rewarding experience. As a Millikin university student, I was eager to dive into a project that would allow me to make a meaningful impact. Little did I know, this project would be a journey that would not only educate me but also leave a lasting impression on my heart... When I first started on this project, I had certain expectations and preconceptions about human trafficking. However, as I delved deeper into the research, I was confronted with the harsh realities of this global epidemic. Our team was tasked with delving into the dark world of human trafficking. We spent countless hours researching and analyzing data. I was shocked by the complexity of human trafficking, and the ways in which it affects individuals, communities, and societies worldwide.  The statistics, case studies, and different forms of trafficking revealed a staggering truth that could not be ignored. One of the most significant aspects of thi