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2019 Martin Mangan Lecture

I was honored to give the 2019 Martin Mangan Lecture on Tuesday, December 3 at 6:30 pm at the Decatur Public Library. I spoke about my advocacy work, research, and how I use that to teach my students at Millikin about social justice issues. The talk was titled "Human Trafficking Advocacy Through Education and Social Justice" and organized by Bob Sampson my colleague at Millikin. Reverend Martin B. Mangan (1929-2001), a native of Springfield, Illinois, was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest on May 1, 1957. He graduated from Springfield's Cathedral Boys High School in 1947 and attended in turn St. Louis University, the Diocesan Latin School near Springfield, and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, Illinois, where he earned a master's degree. Starting in the 1960s, Fr. Mangan, known as "Mitz" to his friends, took a special interest in civil rights and social justice issues. Most of the papers in this collection deal with his activism, primarily in supp

Additional Resources

Additional Resources If you are looking for additional ways to further educate your employees on the topic of Human Trafficking in supply chains, check out the following resources below made by students in the PO 323 Human Trafficking course at Millikin University.  View this  video  for a short presentation that will provide information on Human Trafficking in supply chains and why your business should care.  Download this PDF  for an educational activity that will help all employees better understand the path of a Human Trafficking victim.  Human Trafficking in Supply Chains Policy Briefs End Human Trafficking in Your Company's Supply Chain Informational Brochure For more information about human trafficking in supply chains: What supply chain transparency really means  from the Harvard Business Review  Five ways to work out if a company is serious about tackling modern slavery  from the Conversation Responsible Sourcing Tool   from the State Department’s Offic