Sheets Experience

One of the many skills I have been able to gain and strengthen through my position on the Millkin Research Lab is my spreadsheet creation and maintenance on programs such as Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. I have grown fond of creating spreadsheets and am using the skills at my current job at a sexual assault center to make sheets of client info to make keeping up with past clients easier. At work, I have an actual computer with an efficiently sized monitor when working on those sheets. Sadly, my outdated laptop makes the task force spreadsheet upkeep much more time consuming and difficult because I am only able to see one collum at a time which makes the aggregate analysis of data a dragged out process. This week I worked on identifying how task forces were established whether that be through the state legislature, as ordinances, or grants. One of the most surprising thing I noticed during that task was that a good amount of task forces have been formed through a club named the Zonta Club which is an international service organization that has tasked themselves with advancing the status of women globally. This organization provides advocacy and services to women and communities throughout many different parts of the world. Interestingly I had never heard of such a club until researching human trafficking task forces.



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