Annotated Bibliography Reflections

After reading serval different academic articles and case studies on human trafficking for an annotated bibliography, I noticed a patterned in the recommendations that were offered on the adjudication of human trafficking cases. One of the most common recommendation in the articles was that there needs to be more training of law enforcement officers and others who work in the criminal justice fields. The lack of training is one of the causes that hinders human trafficking cases from being investigated. When the Trafficking Victim and Prevention Act (TVPA) was passed in 2000, legislators were made aware of the human trafficking problem. They heard stories from victims and statistics on human trafficking and criminalized it. After the TVPA was created there was a still a disconnect between data from law enforcement and victims services organizations due to lack of training. If law enforcement officers received training on how to properly handle cases, then maybe we might see an increase in human trafficking cases being prosecuted. Another recommendation that was prevalent in the literature and case studies was the need for more federal money to be given to human trafficking task forces. The money would go towards improving training, helping victims, and so many other positive things that could combat human trafficking. The last recommendation that stood out was the need for more cooperation between all parties involved in combatting trafficking. The only way that perpetrators can receive punishment for their crimes is for law enforcement to actively work with prosecutors. If all parties work together then the victims can get justice for crimes against them. All of the these recommendations will help adjudicate human trafficking and make the world we live in a safer place. 

Joselynn Ali


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