Analyzing Arrest Records in Macon County

I have been working in the Human Trafficking Research Lab over the summer. My primary duty is to analyze arrest data from 46 out of 102 counties in Illinois to detect crimes that were committed that would fall under the human trafficking category. For the past two months my main focus was analyzing Macon County arrest data where Millikin University is located. It is never an easy job, because of the description of crimes committed. In past weeks I have been analyzing arrest data form 2013 to 2018. One would think that a state like Illinois in the Midwest is free from human trafficking, in my analysis I found more than 200+ of offenses that would potentially be identified as human trafficking offenses. For example, arrests for prostitution that involve women who could be potential victims or arrests for I find this research very important, because it will allow us to keep track of those cases and follow up on whether they were properly charged with human trafficking or related adjudication with trails. In my findings the most targeted individuals were women and children. The description of those crimes or offenses bring emotional distress, but a research like this will allow us to identify how to charge cases more effectively in the future. I think it is a shame that the justice system turn a blind eyes on offenses that could be identified as human trafficking, because it put individuals from vulnerable groups at risk to human trafficking.

~Aimable Ngabo.


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