Finalizing the Community Assessment Report

Recently, I have been working with Dr. Dean to finalize our community assessment. The community assessment was a survey sent out to members of the Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force to assess the task force as part of the Department of Justice grant requirements. The survey was available to complete online or via a telephone call in which I would ask the members of the task force the questions and record their answers. It included questions in which respondents could rate the effectiveness of our task and identify its strengths and weaknesses. Our goal was to assess the effectiveness now as a pre-test in hopes that in three years, when we complete a post-test community assessment, the members of the task force will be more satisfied with their work. After the survey was completed, we began to assess the information. I worked on the qualitative information, i.e. the answers in which respondents were able to type out their response as a fill in the blank. I looked through the answers, finding common themes among them all and reported those findings back to Dr. Dean to include in the finalized report. After all the information was assessed and put into a report, I made a presentation with the help of Dr. Dean, which we then presented to the Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force. In this presentation, I included what I found to be the most important findings from the survey, such as our strengths as listed by the members, the reach of our network across Illinois, the recommendations for improvement listed by the respondents, and both short and long-term solutions which Dr. Dean cultivated. 

Gabby Watson 


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