Listening Session on the Community Assessment

After presenting the community assessment report at our September task force meeting we wanted to give members of the Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force more time to read and digest the report and offer us feedback. So we organized an hour long listening session on zoom so that members could write or speak their comments questions. A true community assessment seeks to engage everyone in the community and use their feedback. As members of the community we are assessing, we have a unique level of access and familiarity with the Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force. This is an important caveat to our assessment approach because it involves starting an open dialogue between the Human Trafficking Research Lab and the Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force agencies in a concerted effort to analyze the data and allows the entities involved to buy into the data collection and the community assessment. We had about 15 task force members attend and some offered valuable feedback and grammar points so we will be working on those revisions and hope to have a final version of the report completed by the November 2021 meeting.


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