How many Ukrainian refugees have been trafficked?

Last week I published an article on human trafficking during the war and renewed invasion of Ukraine for the Monkey Cage section of the Washington Post. Like many people that study Ukraine it was difficult for me to think academically about the war while I was watching my former home get bombed and trying to help where I could. This piece discusses my research on human trafficking policy in Ukraine and how stereotypes about victims can impede responses and robust trafficking policies in destination countries can help response efforts. The article is entitled "How many Ukrainian refugees have been trafficked? We won’t know for years" and it can be read here.

The article even includes a photo that I took this summer while volunteering with Ukrainian refugees. The sign warns about the dangers of and different types of human trafficking, and posts the trafficking hotline in Ukrainian and Latvian, at the entrance of the Rīga City Council Support Center for Ukrainians in Latvia. 


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