Midwest Political Science Association Book Roundtable

I was asked to be on a roundtable on publishing your first book sponsored by the Women's Caucus at the Midwest Political Science Association Conference to talk about my book Diffusing Human Trafficking Policy in Eurasia. It was a really fun panel to be on with some big names in my field of gender and politics including Nazita Lajevardi, Christina Wolbrecht, and Julia Hellwege and there were many stories told and laughs all around at books coming out during the pandemic. I enjoyed reliving the trials and tribulations of publishing a book at an under-resourced teaching institution and talking about what I am trying to do differently the second time around. It was also useful to find out about more about book conferences and hiring copy editors which I would like to do the second time around with outside funding. 

In the future, I hope to return to Ukraine so I can donate the remaining copies of my book that have been sitting in my office since 2020. I plan to donate copies to the library at the Kharkiv Center for Gender Studies at Kharkiv National University where I was a student and to many the people there who helped me when I lived in Ukraine including the Museum of Women and Gender History! 


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