Radio Appearance on Byers & Company

On Wednesday, August 16, 2023, Dr. Dean and I joined the Byers and Company radio show on WSOY, a partner of Now Decatur to discuss recent work in the Human Trafficking Research Lab and recent news stories involving the topic of human trafficking.  Dr. Dean was able to lead an informative discussion on the definition of human trafficking and the many different varieties of actions that fall under the trafficking umbrella. The host, Brian Byers, took an active approach to hosting the conversation, with a very inquisitive manner throughout the discussion. Throughout his hosting, he consistently questioned the validity of recent news headlines regarding the popular film Sound of Freedom, a human trafficking film. Dr. Dean and I were able to add some important qualifications to the validity of the film and added context to the “Hollywood” factor of the film. We attempted to critique the stereotypical depiction of a small section of human trafficking instances portrayed in the film and discussed why these are harmful in human trafficking work. The conversation was extremely successful, in my opinion and it was great to be asked to be on the radio to talk about our research.

Here is a link to the recording of the show!

Jadon Cox


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