Big News in the HTRL!

In May 2023 before taking students to the Baltic States a colleague and I put together a data collection project proposal for the National Science Foundation D-ISN/RAPID entitled "Data Collection for Human Trafficking Recruitment and Responses in Forced Migration" focusing on Ukraine. We found out this week that the grant was recommended and funded! The grant is a rapid grant which means we will spend the next year collecting, compiling, and analyzing time-sensitive data (online and interviews) along the entire trafficking cycle – from recruitment, transfer, exploitation, and exit in Ukraine. The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 provides an example of crises where war, displacement, and economic crisis fuel inequalities and increase vulnerabilities to human trafficking with ripple effects around the world. The case of Ukraine is a fruitful crisis case for data compilation because of the prevalent use of technology during the migration process which means that we as researchers can track human trafficking as it happened and evolved over the displacement timeline. We will be conducting interviews with partners in Ukraine and analyzing data from job posting and housing websites in order to uncover elements of trafficking recruitment after the full-scale invasion. Our team is Ukrainian-American and I am looking forward to the opportunity to dig deeper into recruitment processes during war and work on my Ukrainian language skills!


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