Revising our Social Construction Article

The most gratifying moments in the research process occur when submitting a paper, knowing the tremendous effort it took to accomplish. However, the most nerve-wracking part comes when you receive the reviews back from editors. Comments are typically specific, but occasionally they can be general, necessitating changes in sentence structure or underlying ideas. Personally, the most challenging aspect of working on revise and resubmit was sharing and accepting changes regarding the statements made in the research, as I believe they represent findings encountered through the thought process.

After receiving comments from editors, Dr. Dean and I had to revisit the paper to ensure all comments were addressed. We met to map out revisions for our social construction article and created a 34 point revision to do list based on reviewer comments so we can track our progress. However, I find that once you release the initial tension, it becomes easier to work through the comments, and some of them can indeed be helpful (some insanely inappropriate). The next step is writing a revision letter, which includes a detailed list of changes made and/or justification for changes deemed unsuitable. While making changes, I made sure to consider the editors' recommendations but also tried to maintain the original idea without deviating too much from the initial thought.

Even though I have taken part in peer-reviewed journals before, this one seemed to be more personal as it took more than a year to finalize our research and encompassed an insane amount of time spent on coding and ensuring that the content analysis was in line with the interpretations. During this process, I learned things that I had only heard before in class from Dr. Dean; she warned us that it could sometimes be very frustrating to revise a paper. I am immensely thankful to her for teaching me even after finishing my studies at Millikin. From her, I learned what usually takes years of practice to master – but I should admit, both of us were pretty frustrated with the comments but knew we had to address them all in our revision.

Kocha Changelia


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