January 28th - February 1st, 2019

On January 31st, I met with Dr. Laura Dean, for whom I will be an assistant of research, to discuss the course of action the human trafficking research lab would take this semester. This meeting established the topic of study this research lab would pursue and what steps would be taken to accomplish it. However, before settling on a topic, Dr. Dean presented me with an array of potential research topics that we could expand upon throughout the semester. There were four topics: tracking convictions of human trafficking in Illinois, tracking news stories of human trafficking in Illinois, looking for other imprisoned victims, and examining migrant profiles. I utilized my free time over the weekend to research each of these potential topics to give me an idea for what sort of literature existed and what I would envision myself devoting time to. Given my proficiency in Spanish and my interest, I decided on examining migrant profiles would be the best topic for me to direct my efforts towards. Analyzing migrant profiles will be able to offer important insight into how migrants are communicating their sentiments to other migrants choosing to follow in their paths or are contemplating it. With the political climate being centered on immigration, delving into such a topic will be able to illuminate the experiences of migrants as well as how they create networks to enlighten others. Following the establishment of the topic, is the research process which entails looking through the existing literature on the topic.


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