Working On The Lit Dump

I have been working on reading Heterogeneous Perspectives in Coalitions and Community-Based Responses to Sex Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation: Implications for Practice written by Lara B. Gerassi and Andrea Nichols published on the Journal of Social Science Research. This article has given me some background on how individuals within task forces can be driven to fulfill the agency's goals and mission. One thing I enjoyed about this article was the focus on demographics from task force membership including degree type, race, experience with human trafficking, age, and gender because all these factors play a part in decision making. This article is important because it allows for more insight into the makeup of task force membership, unlike our research which doesn't focus so much on the personal opinions or political beliefs of members within the task forces we had analyzed through our research. I have been using Raul Pacheco-Vega's Excel Conceptual Synthesis Dump to efficiently arrange quotations and citations that we could use in constructing our literature review. Through this research lab, I have been exposed to better researching techniques and my research has been more improved. I have used these gained techniques on my dreaded senior thesis as well and have been able to refer numerous classmates to this data collection structure.


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