Human Trafficking Prevention Month Social Media Campaign

The last student project as part of Human Trafficking Prevention Month was designed as a social media campaign constituting six different graphics and one video that shows different facts about human trafficking. The students wanted it to start on January 11th and last week but I thought it would more impactful if we spread it out over the whole month. They asked me to include this language with the posts:
January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. As part of human trafficking awareness, Millikin University has decided to take part and #WearBlueDay on the 11th as well as provide            information, and resources about human trafficking. Students have taken part in making an awareness campaign that will be shown all week. This campaign provides information to educate others on       human trafficking. Additional local resources: 
Millikin University Human Trafficking Research Lab: Central Illinois Human Trafficking Task Force:
Center for Prevention of Abuse:

Thanks to everyone that liked and commented on my posts over the past month, I really appreciate your engagement with my students' work. 

The fourth infographic as part of the social media campaign



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