Pi Sigma Alpha National Student Research Conference

The Human Trafficking Research Lab at Millikin traveled to Washington D.C. to present our research on human trafficking adjudication in central Illinois at the Pi Sigma Alpha National Student Research Conference. Here are some thoughts from the research assistants in the lab on their experience.

Going to Washington D.C. was a great experience, and it felt like as a Political Science student I had been missing out greatly by not visiting our nation's capital. Presenting our research in a room full of people intently listening to what we say was nice as well. All in all, between seeing the landmarks and presenting our human trafficking research, Washington D.C. was certainly an experience I will not forget. My favorite part of DC was visiting the National Gallery of Art. While I don't have a very technical understanding of art, I can appreciate the aesthetically pleasing aspect of it. I could have spent countless hours at that museum had time allowed it. 
Rhys Deiter
Jadon Cox

Visiting Washington D.C. for the first time to present at the Pi Sigma Alpha National Student Research Conference was an amazing experience. Visiting the city was a fantastic opportunity to see many historical monuments for the first time. Getting to see the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress were two of my favorite parts, especially considering we were able to see the books that past presidents kept on their shelves. Presenting at the conference was a wonderful experience, as well. It was an amazing opportunity to present the research we have been working on for years to an audience. Hearing the questions from the audience showed how interested they were in our project and helps to reaffirm the importance of such a project. 

Gabby Watson


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