Five Seconds of Fame on WCIA news!


At our Human Trafficking Prevention Month panel on January 30th, I was presented with the opportunity to interview with a local news station WCIA in Champaign Urbana. I answered a handful of questions ranging from what the goal of the panel discussion was and why it was important. Ultimately everything I said got cut down to a 5-second clip, but honestly, I was pleasantly surprised they used anything I said because I was very nervous and rambling a lot. They also got my name spelled right, so it was nice to see they listened when I told them the proper spelling of my name. It was pretty cool though, I had never been on camera before, and I don’t mind talking. More than anything, I knew my colleagues really didn’t want to do the interview so I was happy to do it. All in all, it was a really cool experience and the panel went pretty well. We had survivors of trafficking sharing their stories and while that was pretty hard to hear, I think it really resonated with the people in attendance. 

If you want to watch the clip on the panel discussion it is available here:

Rhys Deiter


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