Proclamation at the City Council Meeting

The winter break offered a couple of rewarding and engaging experiences in the local community through work in the lab. First, I was lucky to join Dr. Dean on an interview at WAND News. The segment was focusing on human trafficking awareness day and the lab’s victim’s voices panel that was held in January. The interview also covered some of the basic research that the lab does and some lesser-known facts regarding human trafficking. As a local, it was an extremely rewarding experience to be able to share some research and information regarding human trafficking with my local community on the news station that I have watched throughout my life. I was also able to deliver the proclamation dedicating January as Human Trafficking Awareness Month in Decatur at the Decatur City Council meeting. This was an extremely rewarding experience, as I got the proclamation signed and approved by the mayor of Decatur, and I was an active part in bringing human trafficking awareness to my hometown. It is extremely rewarding to be able to impact my local community in such a direct way with the work in the lab.

Jadon Cox



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